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Learn More Take Action Leadership matters on this crisis. We bring elected officials, law enforcement, non-profits, service providers, and other community leaders together to transform homelessness, address panhandling and encampments, prevent evictions, and more.

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We conducted an 18-month study documenting the habits of a cohort of 61 panhandlers in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Our findings revealed three characteristics shared by nearly every chronic panhandler examined: mental health issues, disability, and chronic homelessness. View Study Understanding Panhandling Read Brief Facts & Observations on a
Complex & Controversial Issue
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2-Day Intensive

The best ``first step`` to make your community leaders aware of how to analyze, strategy, fund, and solve homelessness.

Homelessness Assessment

Chart a new course on the homelessness crisis by conducting a comprehensive analysis of who is on your streets and the challenges you will face when addressing homelessness.

Homelessness Initiative

Launch a cutting-edge advocacy campaign to create momentum and funding for your cause.

About Us

Rethinking Homelessness is a national initiative that brings together elected officials, non-profit leaders, service providers, business executives, and other community leaders to build coalitions, create new best practice strategies, and do cutting-edge advocacy to transform and save lives impacted by homelessness and poverty.

In The News

Homeless People Share Their Stories, One Piece of Cardboard at a Time

It’s easier just to look down and pretend you don’t see that homeless person on the street corner, but you’re not fooling yourself: You know he’s there, you know he’s homeless, and in spite of that, you also know he’s still a person.

Authorities begin closure of downtown homeless camp

FORT LAUDERDALE — Monday marked the beginning of the end for the homeless encampment in downtown Fort Lauderdale, as officials announced they will close the small tent city that has vexed the business community for years.

See before-and-after photos of the Santa Ana River Trail

In the days since Orange County, Public Works crews have cleared away most of the debris left behind on a roughly two-mile stretch from I-5 in Orange to Ball Road/Taft Avenue in Anaheim.

61 chronic panhandlers in Downtown Orlando, according to new study

There are 61 chronic panhandlers on the streets of Downtown Orlando, according to a new study on homelessness. Chronic panhandlers are described as panhandling at least five hours a day, five days a week.

After Recession, More Young Adults Are Living on Street

SEATTLE — Duane Taylor was studying the humanities in community college and living in his own place when he lost his job in a round of layoffs. Then he found and lost a second job. And a third.


Florida’s homeless population, as of 2018, was 31,030, or 6% of the country’s homeless population. With a homeless population that large, different organizations have developed across Florida — state and private — to help solve this problem of housing, hunger, and safety over the years.

Region makes great strides for homeless

It was amazing to see the report recently showing that homelessness has been reduced in Central Florida by almost 25 percent during the past year. I first visited Central Florida in 2013 in my role as the head of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

EDITORIAL: Solving the stubborn panhandling problem

THE U.S. Supreme Court’s action in a homelessness case this week and a new study on panhandling in Orlando, Fla., will no doubt change the way local jurisdictions all over the country deal with these perennial and seemingly intractable problems.


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