How a United Way Can Partner with Business Leaders to Solve Homelessness

This is an invitation-only presentation for CEO’s and other top leaders in United Way organizations who want to solve homelessness in their communities.

Most communities are working hard to solve problems related to homelessness. But while many of these communities are still searching for lasting solutions, some United Ways have implemented strategies that actually change homelessness in their cities. This presentation will tell you how to create a partnership with your local business community to drive meaningful solutions to homelessness.

Topics to be Discussed:

  • How a United Way can create business-led, high-impact initiatives on homelessness
  • How business leaders, in partnership with a United Way, can bring together philanthropy, the faith community, and civic leaders to impact homelessness
  • How a United Way can partner with leaders to create prolific funding for community-wide homelessness initiatives
  • How a United Way can harness local media to build momentum for ending homelessness

Special Guests:

    Kathleen Cannon - CEO, United Way of Broward County (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
    Sue Parks - CEO, Orange County United Way (Irvine, California)
    Carla Jasa - COO, Orange County United Way (Irvine, California) 

Host and Facilitator:

    Andrae Bailey - CEO, Rethinking Homelessness, Org. (Orlando, Florida) 

Additional Links:

7 Steps to Solving Homelessness in Your Community PDF

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