How Law Enforcement Can Solve Panhandling & Homelessness

In this webinar, we will share innovative new strategies on how to address homelessness-related issues like panhandling and public space management, and we will explain how law enforcement officials can find solutions to panhandling.

Topics of Discussion:

  • How law enforcement can most effectively deal with the growing problem of panhandling in their communities
  • How law enforcement can partner with elected officials to manage and regain control of public spaces
  • Modern ways law enforcement can combine compassionate programs that help the homeless with common-sense best practices on public safety

Confirmed Guest Speakers:

    Sheriff Dennis Lemma - (Seminole County, Florida)
    Chief Dan Purcell - (Seminole County, Florida)

Additional Resources:

PPT Slide

Seminole County Homeless Persons & Camps Report (Sept. 2019) PDF

Rethinking Homelessness Partnership Programs PDF

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