Preparing for the Coming Eviction Crisis: How Communities Can Prevent Eviction & Homelessness During COVID-19

During this webinar, we will share national best practices from communities across America on the eviction crisis and will explain how your community can begin creating new strategies now to prevent the greatest amount of households from eviction and homelessness in 2021.

Webinar Topics:

  • In this presentation, we will explain how your community can:
  • Leverage national and state resources to address evictions across your region in 2021
  • Understand how a COVID-19 resurgence could impact your community’s ability to help households facing eviction
  • Use cutting-edge data to identify and target resources to vulnerable populations and minorities at greatest risk of eviction in your area
  • Create new collaborations with the government and landlords to keep your citizens housed and off your streets next year

Additional Resources:

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